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Introducing Our Mini Villas


As of mid-2023, we are pleased to add Mini Villas ("Couples Cottages") to our accommodation options.

Mini Villas offer many of the comforts of larger, executive-class Villas in a compact format designed for 2-3 people.

All of them have access to our nature trail, Colindale Beach and include the following amenities:

  • An open-concept living area with breathtaking views of the ocean, nature and Sutherland's pond.

  • Queen-sized bed with pillow-top mattress and comfortable linens

  • Three piece bathroom with sink, shower and  toilet

  • Coffee and tea station

  • Fridge, microwave and sink for light meal prep.

  • Indoor sitting area and dining area

  • Smart TV (for those with wishing to stream using their own services such as Netflix or Prime; cable  TV is not provided)

  • Sundeck with captivating ocean views and outdoor chairs

  • Wi-Fi, Heat and Air  conditioning

  • 240 volt electrical outlet to support electrical vehicle (EV) charging.

  • In addition to the above:

    1. The Seascape Mini-Villa features a full kitchen (including stove and dishwasher), a BBQ and additional  living space.

    2. The Lookout Mini-Villa has "accessibility" features including a flat parking area,  a wheel-chair ramp and wheel-chair accessible bathroom/shower.

​Unfortunately, we are unable to host guests with pets, children under 8 years of age (for safety reasons) or more than 2 persons in a Mini Villa, except in the Rising Tide and the Seascape which can accommodate  3 persons.


The Rising Tide Mini Villa
92 Pleasant View Lane, Port Hood, NS

  • The Rising Tide is our standard comfort Mini Villa

  • It contains all of the features shown  at the top of the page

  • The unit can accommodate 2 people in a Queen bed with comfortable linens

  • Priced from $229 per night plus a one time cleaning fee of $30 plus taxes


The Seascape Mini Villa
94 Pleasant View Lane, Port Hood, NS

  • The Seascape is the largest of our 3 Mini Villas.

  • It has all the features of our other Mini Villas listed above plus:

  • A full kitchen - fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher plus a BBQ

  • A pullout sofa bed enabling a third person to stay

  • 40% more living space than the other two mini villas

  • Priced from $249 per night plus a one time cleaning fee of $40 plus taxes


The Lookout Mini Villa
90 Pleasant View Lane, Port Hood, NS

  • The Lookout Mini Villa has the same features as The Rising Tide with the added benefit of being wheelchair accessible.

  • Flat parking area, wheel chair ramp, wheelchair accessible bathroom and shower and barrier free kitchenette (fridge, microwave, coffee station and sink)

  • Priced from $219 per night plus a one time cleaning fee of $30 plus taxes

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