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Celtic Music Venues, Step Dance and Other Local Entertainment

The communities up and down our “Musical Coast” are known for their Scottish-roots musical  kitchen parties known as Ceilidhs (pronounced “kay-lees”). Here fiddle music, harp, guitar,  step dance and  story telling take center stage.  For generations, these fun-filled musical celebrations have helped local folks survive the area’s harsh winters and trying times.

For music and step-dance lovers, there are a number of excellent Celtic music and dance venues within a 10,  20 and 45 minute drive.  Click on the links below for details:

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Live Local Music
Live Celtic Music

Enjoy outstanding home-cooked, locally-inspired  food while taking in live fiddle, guitar, and piano at the always-popular Red Shoe Pub. 

Top-notch live musical performances, weekly Sunday afternoon Ceilidhs and occasional dining events.

Celtic Music Interpretive Centre.JPG

Take in live Celtic music during summer and fall at the North America's first single-malt whisky distillery.

Glenora Music.JPG

The ICCA  is a great spot for live Celtic music concerts, exhibitions and workshops

A great line up of live  Cape Breton music, Ceilidhs, story telling and more, year round. 

Cape Breton Kitchen Parties - Ceilidhs

Cape Breton Ceilidhs (pronounced '"kay-lees") are a huge part of local culture. The Gaelic term means  "gatherings" and  is often described as a fun "kitchen party". They are a "must see" for any new visitor to Cape Breton and usually feature a few fun-filled hours of fiddle music, guitar, step dancing and story telling and more.  Click on the play button below for a great sample.

Weekly Ceilidhs
Cape Breton Step Dance
Cape Breton Step Dance 

A cultural treasure of the area is step dancing, a highly energenic, percussive form of dance inspired by fiddle music.  Dive into the culture, join others on the dance floor, listen and let the music take hold  and guide you. 

Click on links for adresses and latest schedules (as many events are seasonal)

Brook Village Step Dance.JPG

Take a deep dive into this truly fun part of Cape Breton's culture with a multi-day step-dance work shop which will have you dancing with a smile in no time. Click on links for more information and videos.

KitchenFest - June 26 to July 6th, 2024

This annual ten-day celebration gives locals and visitors insights into the distinct and vibrant Gaelic culture of the island, bringing the kitchen-céilidh feel to the forefront. This festival features an array of concerts and céilidhs, pub nights and square dances at a range of locations.

Tickets & Info can be found at:


Celtic Colours International Music Festival - October 11-19, 2024

For nine days in October, Cape Breton Island is alive with Celtic music, energy and excitement as people come from far and wide to celebrate our rich culture. The festival features 50+ concerts across Cape Breton island plus dances, workshops and community suppers, This is an action-packed set of cultural events against a gorgeous backdrop of autumn colour.

Tickets & Info can be found at:

Useful Website Links For Music and Culture
Celtic Music, Ceilidhs and Step Dancing Venues

Click on underlined text below for more info and latest schedules:

Mabou - 12 minutes away

Judique - 20 minutes away​

Inverness - 30 minutes away


Creignish - 30 minutes away

  • Creigniish Hall - Friday night square dances and music (click link to Facebook page).

Port Hawkesbury - 45 minutes away

Useful Website Links
Celtc Colours
Musical Events Calendar
Cape Breton Celtic Music Events Calendars
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